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8-zone (expandable to 64), 8-partition, communicator alarm center in a metal box.

Security systems / Systems with keypads / DSC

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- 8 zones on the panel, expandable to 64 zones (max. 7 PC5108 with optional zone expander).
- 8 separate partitions.
- 2 programmable outputs (expandable to 14 outputs).
- PGM expansion modules (optional): PC5208 or PC5204.
- 1.7A switching power supply.
- High current battery charging.
- Supervised siren output 12VDC, 700mA, PTC protected.
- Programmable voltage outputs.
- Can be expanded with 32 wireless devices (requires RF5132-433 or RF5108-433 receiver).
- Local PC LINK and remote upload/download capability with modem, DLS software.
- Built-in communicator.
- Sending reports in Contact ID and all more familiar formats.
- 32 general access codes, 1 system code, 1 maintenance code.
- 2 supervisor codes, 2 forced codes.
- 39 zone types, 9 programmable zone options per zone.
- Closed in default, single EOL and double EOL zone wiring.
- 8 operators can be connected to the system.
- 4-wire communication bus (KEYBUS).
- KEYBUS is electronically protected.
- Monitoring of mains supply voltage, battery and AUX voltage.
- EEPROM memory.
- DPDT line monitoring, DTMF or pulse dialing.
- Event memory (storage of 500 events).
- Programmable winter/summer time transition.
- The event directory can be printed or displayed on the LCD operator, or
- Displaying error symptoms on keyboards.
- Send error codes to the monitoring station.
- Each partition can operate as a separate system with its own system times, codes, and operators.
- Automatic arming, late closing report.
- Night zone type.
- EN50131-1/3 and RoHS compliance.