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16-zone, communicator, partitionable alarm center panel.

Security systems / Systems with keypads / Micron control panels

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- 16 arbitrarily programmable, double closing resistance (DEOL) zones.
- 4 zone groups that can be armed/disarmed independently.
- Connectable LED operator, LCD operator, Night armer, remote control, key switch, or even a combination.
- 4 operators plus 1 remote control module can be connected at the same time.
- All keyboard commands can be programmed to remote control transmitter buttons, so the remote control can be set as desired.
- NiteWatch for bedroom, night arming, night mode disarming and system status indication.
- Programming can be done with an LED or LCD operator or from a PC using the MicroCom II upload and download software.
- Memory Chip can be connected to upload and download complete programs (cloning).
- Built-in communicator.
- A separate reporting code can be assigned to each event and each zone.
- You can signal to several remote monitors one after the other, or even to your own phone number with a signal that can be interpreted.
- In the event of an alarm, an alarm tone can be transmitted to phone numbers that can also be set by the user.
- Alarm signal for your own telephone devices: siren sound and the number of beeps corresponding to the zone that triggered the alarm.
- 11 different freely programmable zone types.
- Immediate, 24-hour, fire, night, entry-delayed, alternate, follower, intelligent, auto-disable,
Access indicator, key switch.
- Separately programmable exit delays, entry delays, alternative entry delays.
- Reaction times can be changed per zone (10 ms - 1.28 sec).
- Subsequent zones: if the first violated zone is delayed, these zones will also be delayed.
- Automatic zone exclusion: The zone can be excluded after a specified number of detections in an alarm cycle.
- Intelligent zone mode: only two detections trigger an alarm, which occurs in the same and/or different zones.
- Entry alarm mode: the operator gives 3 short beeps when the designated zones are detected in the disarmed state.
- 48 user codes, which can be created and modified by the user if allowed by the installer.
- Programmable code properties (e.g. the code can only arm, disarm, can also be used via telephone...).
- Master codes for user settings and a separate programmer code.
- User code 48 is a temporary code that is automatically deleted at midnight on the day it is created.
- Quick focus.
- Night (stay at home) arming, for arming only specific zones, with separate key commands.
- Arming with exit and/or entry delays.
- Warning sounds during the delay times, which can be switched on and off per zone.
- Arming by bypassing zones.
- Automatic arming at the time set by the user or programmed by the installer, even every day.
- The ’Pre-alarm sound’ indicating automatic arming can be programmed for 0-9 minutes (the operator beeps every 6 seconds).
- Night lock: when arming with a certain code, the other codes become ineffective.
- Panic signal, fire alarm, call for help, forced disarming signal.
- Force disarm indication.
- Arming and disarming via telephone line with status indication tones.
- Programmable LCD operating function keys.
- Telephone line input and separate telephone output for other equipment using the telephone line.
- Receiving an incoming call from the operator manually or automatically after a set number of rings.
- Bypass answering machine (double call) function to access the panel if other devices can receive the call.
- Automatic disconnection from other devices when sending a report or alarm signal.
- Event memory for the last 128 alarm events.
- Querying system states and errors.
- Resetting the smoke detector with a separate keyboard shortcut.
- Zone closing resistors DEOL.
- Sensors with normally closed (NC) or open (NO) contacts can be connected at the same time.
- Uninterrupted power supply by connecting a battery.
- Adjustable battery charging voltage.
- The system constantly monitors and tests the connected devices.
- Phone line monitor, siren output monitor, AC power and battery monitor, power output monitor.
- User communicator test and automatic communicator test can be programmed per day and time.
- 4 different phone line monitoring modes.
- 1500 mA siren output, to which almost any buzzer can be connected.
- 13.8 VDC, 500 mA power output.
- 4 programmable (PGM) outputs of 250 mA each, which can be controlled by almost any event.
- The state of the outputs can also be programmed so that they have voltage at rest or when activated.
- Programmable timings: how long siren output and PGM outputs should be activated separately.