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Alarm relay, GSM / IP communicator, can be connected to remote monitoring, GSM / 4GW.

Security systems / Communicators, GSM / TRIKDIS

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The G16T alarm transmitter, GSM / IP communicator can be connected to an alarm center suitable for any landline telephone (TIP RING) communication, it can be connected to remote monitoring and at the same time the user can be notified of events in the Protegus Mobile / Web application.

- It is an IP-based relay device that works via a GSM or 4GW mobile network and is compatible with popular alarm centers of major manufacturers.
- The owner is informed about the events of the alarm system in the free Protegus Mobile / Web application, by SMS or by phone call.
- Due to the Protegus server, neither Fixed IP nor Dynamic DNS is required.
- The module transmits the messages of the marked systems to the remote monitoring in SMS or IP-based Contact ID code format.
- In case of loss of connection of the primary channel, automatic switch to the second security channel.
- 3 access levels for configuring and managing the module: Administrator, Installer, User.
- Quick and easy configuration via USB or after initial setup remotely using Trikdis configuration software.
- 1 contact input for connecting additional zones.
- 2 outputs remote control e.g.
- RS485 port for remotely monitoring sensors or other compatible devices.
- Transmission channel: GSM and 4G IP communication.
- 4GW Modem frequencies: Region dependent.
- Transmission protocol: TRK, DC-09_2007, DC-09_2012.
- Message encryption: AES 128.
- Alarm center connection: TIP-RING.
- Event transmission: Contact ID code.
- IP-based signaling for remote monitoring: Yes.
- Event log / number of stored events: Yes, 60 events.
- Periodic test report sending: Yes.
- Alarm limitation: Yes.
- RS485: Yes.
- Contact inputs: 2.
- Configurable inputs: NO, NC, EOL, DEOL.
- Loop resistance: 2200Ω.
- Number of outputs: 1.
- Type of outputs: OC type, 30V, 1A.
- Control: Mobile application, browser, SMS, phone call.
- Programming method: USB, IP, SMS.
- Programming software: Yes.
- Remote programming: Yes.
- Protegus users: Unlimited.
- Mobile App: Yes.
- Web application: Yes.
- Push notification: Yes.
- Operating environment: -10 ºC to +50 ºC, relative humidity max 80% at +20°C.
- Supply voltage: 10-18VDC.
- Current consumption (maximum): 250mA.
- Current consumption (nominal): 60 - 100mA.
- Packaging: Plastic.
- Terminal design: Can be connected.
- Size: 92mm x 65mm x 26mm.
- Weight: 80g.