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GSM / IP-based module designed for gate automation, GSM / 2G.

Security systems / Communicators, GSM / TRIKDIS

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The GV17 is an IP-based device for motorized gates, garage doors, barriers, etc., which works via a GSM mobile network, specifically designed for gate automation.

- 1 1A relay, customizable relay with switching (pull-in) time.
- 2 flexibly selectable contacts, which can be both input and output.
- 2 dedicated input (zones), e.g.
- Complete control with the free Protegus Mobile / Web application.
- 7 administrators and 990 users with name and phone number and email address (for the Protegus system).
- 4 types of remote configuration options: locally via USB, remotely with the configuration software or the free Protegus Mobile / Web application (IP-based), or via SMS.
- Import and export option for managing users’ phone numbers and names.
- Due to the Protegus server, neither Fixed IP nor Dynamic DNS is required.
- 2 access levels for configuring and managing the module: Administrator, User.
- RS485 port for remotely monitoring sensors or other compatible devices.
- Transmission channel: GSM, 2G/GPRS IP communication.
- Modem frequencies: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz.
- Event log / number of stored events: Yes, 5000 events.
- Task buffer / pending task storage: Yes, 60 events.
- Periodic test report sending: Yes.
- IP-based signaling for remote monitoring: Yes.
- RS485: Yes.
- Contact inputs: 2.
- Dual function contacts (output or input): 2.
- Configurable inputs: NO, NC, EOL.
- Loop resistance: 10kΩ.
- Number of outputs: 1
- Type of outputs: 1A 30VDC, 0.5A 125VAC.
- Dual function contacts (output or input): 2 OC type, 50mA.
- Control: Mobile application, browser, SMS, phone call.
- Programming method: USB, IP, SMS.
- Programming software: Yes.
- Remote programming: Yes.
- Administrators: 7.
- Users: 990.
- Protegus users: Unlimited.
- Mobile App: Yes.
- Web application: Yes.
- Push notification: Yes.
- Operating environment: -10 ºC to +50 ºC, relative humidity max 80% at +20°C.
- Supply voltage: 9-36VDC, 12-24VAC.
- Current consumption (maximum): 200mA.
- Current consumption (nominal): 50mA.
- Packaging: Plastic.
- Terminal design: Can be connected.
- Size: 65mm x 77mm x 25mm.
- Weight: 80g.