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TRIKDIS GET Ethernet + 4G

Universal smart relay, IP-based communicator, direct access: Paradox, DSC, Pyronix.

Security systems / Communicators, GSM / TRIKDIS

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Ethernet operation comes from the ”E” series, ”GSM”, 4G mobile network connection from the ”G” series.

- Redundant 4G mobile network and wired Internet IP module, relay, communicator.
- It can be connected to many popular alarm centers directly to the data bus or serial port, in all other cases by connecting to the telephone line (TIP RING).
- When the Protegus 2 service is enabled, the events are first forwarded to the remote monitoring, and only then sent to the users of the application (parallel sending is also possible).
- The owner is informed about the events of the alarm system in the free Protegus 2 Mobile and Web application.
- ”Push” messages and beeping sound to indicate events and alarms.
- Remote arming and disarming.
- 2 flexibly selectable contacts, which can be both input and controllable output (PGM OUT).
- RS-485 port for other compatible expansion modules and devices (only available on the 4G modem version from October 2021).
- The outputs can be controlled from the Protegus 2 application.
- Control of connected devices (lighting, gate, ventilation system, heating, sprinklers, etc.).
- It can be expanded up to 32 inputs and controllable outputs with the iO8 expansion module via RS485 port.
- The settings can be saved to a file that can be used on another device.
- Quick and easy configuration and firmware update via USB or after initial setup remotely using the TrikdisConfig configuration software or the Protegus 2 app.
- 2 access levels for configuring and controlling the relay: Administrator, Installer.
- USB-C for programming (instead of the previously used USB mini).
- The module transmits the messages of the marked systems to the remote monitoring on an IP basis in Contact ID code format.
- Compatible with universal SIA DC-09 and SUR-GUARD TL150 receivers.
- In case of loss of connection of the primary remote monitoring channel, automatic switch to the second security channel.
- Signaling to up to two separate remote monitoring receivers.
- Directly controllable types are marked with an asterisk.
- In the case of PARADOX control panels, the serial port on the NEW alarm control panels is closed at the factory.
- PARADOX: SP4000*, SP5500*, SP5500+*, SP6000*, SP6000+*, SP7000*, SP7000+*, SP65, 1727, 1728, 1738, MG5000, MG5050, MG5050+, MG505E, EVO48, EVO192, EVOHD, NE96, EVO96, E 55
- DSC: Power Series: PC585*, PC1565*, PC1616*, PC1832*, PC1864*, PC1404, PC5015, PC5020.
- PYRONIX: Matrix Series: MATRIX 424, MATRIX 832, MATRIX 832+, MATRIX 6, MATRIX 816.
- UTC Interlogix: NetworX (Caddx) NX-4v2, NX-6v2, NX-8v2, NX-8e.
- Texecom: Premier 24*, 48*, 88*, 168*, 412, 816, 832, 832+, Premier Elite 12*, 24*, 48*, 64*, 88*, 168*.
- Innerrange: Inception.
- Honeywell: Ademco Vista-15*, Ademco Vista-20*, Ademco Vista-48*.
- Crow: Runner 4/8, 8/16.
- Interlogix: NetworX (Caddx) NX-4v2*, NX-6v2*, NX-8v2*, NX-8e*.
- Transmission channel: Ethernet / LAN / IP communication IEEE802.3, 10 Base-T, port RJ45 4G IP communication.
- Network setting: DHCP or manual.
- 4G Modem frequencies: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28.
- SIM card slot: 1 nano SIM.
- Alarm center connection: TIP RING / via data bus or serial port.
- Event transmission channels: for main and backup receivers of up to 2 remote monitoring stations via the Protegus cloud to the iOS / Android Protegus mobile application.
- Transmission and communication: 4G/LAN.
- Transmission to remote monitoring TCP / IP, UDP / IP.
- Transmission protocol, encryption TRK, DC-09_2007, DC-09_2012, TL150.
- Event transmission: Contact ID code.
- Event log / number of stored events: yes, 60 events.
- Periodic test report sending: yes.
- RS-485: yes.
- Supported modules: iO-8 expansion module - 8 contacts.
- Max. number of supported RS-485 expanders: 4.
- RS4-85 bus cable up to 100m in length.
- Number of inputs: 2.
- Input types: NO/NC, EOL.
- Loop resistance: 2.2kΩ.
- Control: mobile application, browser.
- Programming method: USB (USB-C), IP.
- Programming software: yes, Windows.
- Remote programming: yes.
- Number of Protegus users: unlimited.
- Mobile app: yes.
- Web application: yes.
- Push notification: yes.
- Limitation of alarms: yes.
- Detachable terminal block yes.
- PGM output: 0.5A 30 VDC max
- Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C, relative humidity max. 80% at +20°C.
- Power supply: 10-18VDC
- Current consumption (standby) 175 mA, current consumption - (max) 250 mA.
- Dimensions: 113mm x 70mm x 25mm.
- Weight: 110g.