Outdoor sound and light indicator in a tamper-proof metal housing, side-opening front panel.

Security systems / Sirens / Outdoor sirens

- Outdoor buzzer with flashing light.
- Double housing - ABS outer and surface-treated metal inner casing with IP34 protection level.
- Front opening to the side.
- Fully waterproof electronics cast with synthetic resin.
- Continuous frequency modulated sound.
- Double tamper protection.
- Protection against cable cutting, lamp and casing sabotage.
- Alarm in case of start-up, sabotage and power failure.
- Start with a positive and negative signal can be selected.
- Lamp flashing option.
- 5 minute tamper alarm time.
- Visual and audio test during commissioning.
- Central and self-sabotage detection.
- Power supply 13.8V 0.3V DC.
- Maximum current consumption 2.4A.
- Quiescent current consumption max 1 mA.
- Battery 12V 7.0Ah (not included).
- Operating temperature -30/+50C.
- Base frequency 1350 Hz.
- Frequency range 800-1900Hz.
- Sound pressure 128 dB (A).
- Protection level IP34.
- Size 180 x 270 x 90 mm.
- Weight (without battery) 2 kg.