UPS 6V 4Ah

6V 4Ah, gel, acid, lead battery, 70x101x47mm 0.8kg.

Security systems / Security batteries / UPS

- Lead-acid battery made with coated glass fiber technology (AGM).
- Nominal voltage: 6V.
- Nominal capacity: 4Ah.
- Electrolyte: sulfuric acid.
- Epoxy resin insulation.
- Copper connectors.
- Lead oxide, positive pole.
- Lead negative pole.
- ABS plastic container and frame.
- EPDR safety valve.
- Cyclic use charging voltage: 7.2-7.5V (-30mV/°C), maximum current: 1.35A.
- Alternate use charging voltage: 6.8-6.9V (-20mv/°C).
- Internal resistance: 0.022 ohm (at full charge, at 25°C).
- Self-discharge: 3% capacity loss at 25°C, per month.
- Color-coded battery corner.
- Connector dimensions: 6.35mm x 4.75mm x 0.8mm.
- Expected lifetime, with normal use: 5 years.
- Battery dimensions: 70mm x 101mm x 47mm (including connector).
- Weight: 0.8 kg.