Ethernet module, Trikdis devices for expanding internet communication.

Security systems / Communicators, GSM / TRIKDIS

E485 is an Ethernet module that can be used to expand Trikdis smart devices with a wired Internet communication channel.

- Communication via wired internet.
- The user is informed about the events of the alarm system in the free Protegus Mobile / Web application.
- Free Protegus server, so neither Fixed IP nor Dynamic DNS is required.
- The module transmits the messages of the marked systems to the remote monitoring on an IP basis in Contact ID code format.
- In case of loss of connection of the primary channel, automatic switch to the second security channel.
- If the Internet connection is lost, automatic switching to the communication channel of the original device.
- Quick and easy configuration from a browser.
- Transmission channel: Ethernet / IP communication.
- Connection: RS485.
- Event transmission: Contact ID code.
- Transmission protocol: STRK_TCP, TRK_UDP.
- IP-based signaling for remote monitoring: Yes.
- Periodic test report sending: Yes.
- Internal clock: Yes.
- Compatible devices: Trikdis G16, G16T (all communication), SP231, T16T (event transmission).
- Programming method: Browser, IP.
- Remote programming: Yes.
- Protegus users: Unlimited.
- Mobile App: Yes.
- Web application: Yes.
- Push notification: Yes.
- Control: Mobile application, browser.
- Operating environment: -10 ºC to +50 ºC, relative humidity max 80% at +20°C.
- Supply voltage: 9-28VDC.
- Current consumption (maximum): 150mA.
- Current consumption (nominal): 50mA.
- Packaging: Plastic.
- Size (without antenna): 88mm x 62mm x 26mm.
- Weight: 80g.